Cooking And Using Almonds


Eating Almonds, Including Them In Food Dishes

Now that the health benefits of eating almonds have been well established, you should look for ways to eat almonds and include them in your diet. Just make sure that you are not trying to cure some medical ailment by eating almonds, it is best to discuss such issues with your doctor. One lesser known fact about the nutritional benefits of almonds is that, soaked almonds with their skin removed are the best way to eat almonds. The skin of almonds is quite tough and makes a complete release of nutrients difficult, taking the skin off is the solution. If you take a few almonds and soak them in warm or even hot water, the skin should loosen and come off easily after 30-60 minutes. Allowing the almonds to soak a bit longer, will soften them and this makes them easier to digest. Most salted or sweetened almonds are sold with their skin intact, they can also be quite hard. In the above image, the almonds on the left show the almonds in raw form without being processed. The almonds on the right have been soaked in water, some of them have been skinned too. If soaked for sufficient time, the almonds will swell and look more stouter and rounded. 

Breakfast: The simplest way to consume almonds for breakfast, would be to eat about 15-20 almonds that have been soaked and have their skins taken off. Sliced or chopped almonds can also be added to your regular cereal. Some food gurus recommend almond butter but, this is debatable since the butter is likely to have many additives besides almonds - sugar, salts, solidified fats etc. If you would rather consume almonds in liquid form, try almond milk. Our recommendation would be to make your own almond milk. And if you plan to buy this ready made, read the ingredient list carefully. 

Snacking: Almonds make a good snack, keep in mind that they do add carbohydrates to your diet. So if you can avoid things like cakes, pastries or even cheese sandwiches, you could fill up with a few almonds. Salted or roasted almonds might be a bit hard and take a while to digest. Also keep a tab on your salt consumption, the same could be said of sugar if it is one of the ingredients in the processed almonds that you eat. And if you plan to drink some almond milk, read the above paragraph on 'Breakfast' and review our suggestions. 

Lunch and Dinner: This is a good time to incorporate almonds into your regular dishes, chopped almonds can be easily mixed into a salad. If you happen to be cooking something up by stir frying the dish, add some sliced almonds during the cooking process. If your meal includes a stir cooked grain dish such as vegetable, egg or chicken fried rice, stir pieces of almonds into the dish. Try to avoid salted or processed almonds at meal times, a handful of soaked and skinned almonds would be better and easier to manage. 

Desserts and Baking: Top an ice cream or fruit salad with some grated or broken pieces of almonds, soaked almonds that have been softened might offer a tastier texture to the nuts. If baking is your interest, add broken or sliced almonds to the flour as the dough is being prepared. You can also sprinkle some almond pieces on the top of the items before, they are put in the oven to be baked.

Important: If you plan to consume almonds on a regular basis, discuss the plan with your doctor before implementing it. Calories are quite high in almonds, this needs to be considered when eating them. Those of you with abnormal cholesterol levels should seem medical advice before, embarking on a regular diet that includes almonds. These nuts are believed to contain the 'good' type of cholesterol but, professional advice is best sought before proceeding with a regular consumption. You can read our Health Benefits Of Almonds report and understand these awesome nuts better. 

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