Thai Wedding Dresses


Wedding Dresses In Thailand

Thai wedding dresses for the past few decades have been quite similar to trends followed in the western nations. Families generally buy a wedding dress based on their budgets, it is not uncommon for brides to choose the option of renting a wedding dress. A big change is visible in the larger cities where brides are choosing more color for their wedding dress, the shift towards more color is seen in everything including wedding flowers, souvenirs given to guests attending the wedding function etc. A spectacular change that is seen in wedding dresses placed in the higher price brackets, is the trend towards using Thai silk fabric. Fine Thai silk in a dazzling array of colors is cut into wedding dresses, styles include both traditional and contemporary. Long flowing wedding gowns often decorated with fine lace are not uncommon too, light pastel pinks, blues and cream are being seen more often. 

Shimmering Thai silk in pastel shades, the new choice of upscale bridal dresses. It is nice to see an element of Thai tradition incorporated into these Thai wedding dresses. While renting a wedding dress in Bangkok might be a cheaper option, big wedding spenders rarely go for rented wedding attire. 

This designer seemed to have let his imagination run wild. The golden headgear and long flowing wedding dress is surely not a part of Thai traditional weddings. Not seen too many brides in Bangkok or Thailand dressed in those extended caps but, flowing white wedding dresses are not very uncommon. 

White and lacy dresses are not exactly out of the scene, flowing wedding dresses with a close fit at the top. Lot's of bare shoulders, ideally for flashing an expensive necklace or an elegant strand of pearls. Wearing a very pale wedding dress and minimal jewelry could, deliver a dull look so make sure that you consider the entire look before making a purchase. 

These Thai wedding dresses do add in a liberal splash of color, when choosing a colored wedding dress, work on the jewelry, hairstyle and bridal makeup before picking the dress. You need to pair colors well, disconnected colors can appear quite loud and flashy. 

Some choice for men's wedding attire but, most Thai men prefer the conventional route - formal coats and dark shoes. Bridegrooms in Thailand generally prefer to wear a bow, ties are not very popular with men's wedding attire.

White or light color Thai wedding dresses seem to be perfect when paired with diamond earrings and probably even diamond necklaces. You could even wear these dresses with an all pearl jewelry set. 

Gold waist bands at Thai weddings are basically a part of ancient tradition. With most Thai brides today working hard to stay trim and fit for the big day, wearing an intricate waist band can do wonders to highlight a well maintained figure. 

Wedding dresses in Thailand are not generally worn in two tone colors but, exceptions do exist. Mixing fairly saturated colors in a wedding dress would stand out better with minimal jewelry accessories. An uncluttered jewelry set with blue or yellow sapphires and a few sprinkled diamonds would look gorgeous. 

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