Chantaburi Church Thailand


Chantaburi Church, Thailand

There are many churches in Thailand but the Chantaburi church stands out for an interesting reason. Chantaburi is a small province in Thailand, the place is well known for its gemstone market. The province does boast of a few other attractions like a few waterfalls and a seaside nearby, the church is what we are going to talk about. The church in this province is not far away from the gem market area and is in a way connected to the gem merchants There is a statue in the church that wears a glittering white robe, the entire robe is studded with white sapphires and it is interesting to note how all those sapphires became available.

Like most of Thailand, this province is predominantly composed of Buddhists. There have been many cases where local people from Chantaburi have converted to Christianity for various reasons. The church in Chantaburi is never very crowded it is a very nice place to visit and you should not forget to notice the gorgeous statue that has robes studded with white sapphires. We wish to keep religion and politics out of our website, the mention of this church is made mainly to show the connection between the local gem merchants and the church. The white sapphires were donated by many of the local gem dealers. It was a community effort and the completed work is truly interesting irrespective of what religion you follow. 

Make sure to take a few interesting pictures when you visit a church or any other place in Thailand. You will be informed if photography is prohibited in certain places and if in doubt, just ask the local people. If you plan to make a sightseeing trip to any place, do some background research the internet is a good place to do this. Note down the important or interesting locations in and around the place that you plan to visit. Try to fit these into your travel schedule, this is a very rewarding way to visit and enjoy just about any place and not just Thailand. 

The shimmering look on the white portion of the robes in the above statue, is the result of the glittering white sapphires that have been added to the robe. The sapphires were voluntarily donated by the gemstone dealers in the gem market which is not far from this Church in Chantaburi Thailand. It is very likely that many gem merchants who donated their sapphires were not and are not devout Christians, but the gesture was more to show a spirit of participation a supported community activity. 

The above image offers a closer view of the statue with robes set with white sapphire gems. There are many other interesting points in this church in Thailand Chantaburi. Our team managed to take the photographs conveniently and without any objections from the church staff. It probably goes without saying that you should avoid noise and chaos when visiting places like this church. Unlike places like the waterfalls and the nearby beach in Chantaburi which can take hours or even half a day to visit, the church can be seen within an hour or so - add this place to your schedule if you plan to visit the province. 

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