Leisure And Relaxation, Interesting Notes

It is not easy to define the activities that could be classified as 'providing' leisure but, each one us generally knows what we need to do to feel relaxed and composed. Some of us might play a game of squash during our leisure time while, others might consider that to be too tedious and tiring. You might love to lay back and read a suspense novel but the same activity and the same novel, might make someone else tense and mentally serious. One very interesting thing is shopping, an enjoyable activity for many but a nerve wrecking burden for others! It is for this reason that you will find a wide range of topics in this section of our website. Much of the content in  this section would not be specific to Thailand, it should therefore appeal to a wide section of visitors to this website. Make sure that you visit this section regularly as, we plan to update it often. 

The world famous reclining Buddha statue in Thailand is located in Wat Pho at Bangkok. Sometimes referred to as the sleeping Buddha, the posture of Lord Buddha in this big statue is better described as reclining ... more

Most Thais are traditionally meat and fish eaters, finding vegetarian food in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand can take some effort. However once every year, the nation celebrates the Chinese vegetarian festival and veg food can be seen all around ... more

The success of the Bike Festival in Bangkok signals an increased interest in cycling. An exciting and healthy form of recreation, bike riding in Bangkok or Thailand is a great idea. However given the high rate of road accidents in the country, you will need to give high importance to safety. An interest report on this report is filed by our team ... here

antique chairs Asia Thailand

As you enjoy this selection of reports related to leisure and relaxation in Thailand, here is an amazing collection of artistic chairs handcrafted by Thai artisans. Many of these antique style chairs are not up for sale, the images are shown to show you how gorgeous they are. Kaisilver has no business interest in furniture or interior decoration. Feast your eyes ... more

Given the deep meaning and significance of the 4 century old claddagh ring, it is no surprise that the direction in which the ring is worn on the finger, has interesting implications. Get to know more about this ring ... here

In the heart of the gemstone market of Thailand, a spectacular robe studded with white sapphires for a statue in the Chantaburi church. So how did the church come to get all those white sapphires, read more about this ... here

Though white and lacy wedding dresses are still seen in Thailand, upscale wedding dresses are being increasingly created in Thai silk. This trend brings back an impressive tradition back into Thai weddings. Thailand has always been known for its gorgeous silk, shimmering fabric in gentle shades and those eye catching golden hues, see more ... here.

diamond engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring is all about style, luxury and status. We do know that the practice of wearing engagement rings with diamonds, started centuries ago. Kaisilver experts explain all about diamond rings. We also introduce you to a finely handcrafted diamond rings - custom made in all sizes. You can choose an engagement diamond ring, based on your design or ours. More about these rings ... more