Thai Food Desserts


Thai Desserts 

Thai desserts are an absolutely delicious way to end a lip smacking Thai meal. As expected desserts in Thailand are sweet, they can often be cooled down with ice cubes or crushed ice. Traditional Thai desserts include bananas cooked in coconut milk, coconut ice cream, mango with sticky rice etc. While it is true that, it would not be 'wise' to end a meal in Thailand without a dessert - you should know that many desserts can be extremely filling and some are quite heavy on the tummy. The best way too ensure that you have a great Thai meal without, missing out on the dessert is to make space for the dessert, as you plan out your meal. This might not be the easiest thing to do especially when, all that tempting Thai cuisine adorns the table! 

There are many Thai desserts to be relished after a meal, mango with sticky rice is one of the most popular desserts in the country. You should note that, this Thai dessert can be very heavy and filling, you might therefore want to go light on the main meal to enjoy this delicacy ... more

avocado ice cream

Not one of the traditional Thai desserts but, surely one that you should try. Ripe avocado sliced at the bottom of the cup - topped with one scoop of absolutely delicious Thai coconut ice cream. Avocado has been introduced into Thai farming by the Thai  Royal Family ... more

If you are not familiar with  Thai desserts, order the smallest portion that the restaurant will provide. Things get easier and more exciting if you happen to have, company at mealtime. Consider ordering small portions of a few Thai desserts, let each of the diners have a taste of each of he desserts. And if you feel like filling up, order the Thai dessert that you enjoyed the most. All this advice with one sincere note - Thai desserts can be high on calories and fairly sweet. You might want to consider this when, feasting on them. 

Let us conclude this report with a nice suggestion. While Thai food dishes might include meticulous details and processes, many delicious Thai desserts have simple uncluttered recipes. You could try your hand at making some of those. Besides giving you the sheer pleasure and eating / serving, a Thai dessert made by you - it would also be possible to adjust the recipe to be more in line with your health and lifestyle. 

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