Thai Arts


Thai Arts, Showcasing Artistic Talents

Thailand or Siam as it was called in the ancient days, has for long been known for its artistic talents. Thai silk, wood carvings, the spectacular form of Thai ceramics called benjarong and much more. South Thailand has its unique wood carvings and mother of pearl done in wood. Traditional Thai jewelry can also be very intricate and artistic, some of these designs are popular across the globe even today. While some form of Thai art are rarely seen today, others are still extremely popular. It is not very wrong to say that foreigners today seem to appreciate Thai arts more than, the local Thai people do. In this section we introduce you to some very interesting and attractive forms of Thai art, we do hope that you enjoy the reports. 

An ancient form of pottery, Benjarong originated in the  royal palaces of Thailand. The traditional Thai art form of making bencharong pottery is carried on until today. Check out more about this awesome variety of Thai pottery ... here

The weaving of quality Thai silk has been practiced since ancient times. Gorgeous pastel shades and enticing golds and silver grays have impressed even the most seasoned stylist. And now, talented designers have brought back the touch of royal Thai silk into the world of bridal wear. We review this trend in upscale wedding dresses ... here.