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Swallow A Diamond - Danger And Reasons

Diamonds are rare, exotic, gorgeous and expensive. Wearing a diamond ring or any jewel studded with diamonds, is generally considered to be a status symbol. So where does the story of swallowing a diamond fit into this narrative. Fair to say that a diamond could be swallowed by mistake or intentionally. We will talk about what a swallowed diamond can do to your body in a moment, let us first say a few things about why a person would swallow a diamond.

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Diamonds are expensive, it is quite common for diamonds to be worth thousands or even hundreds of thousands (dollars). The weight unit used to measure a diamond is the carat – for the sake of conversion, 1 gram = 5 carats. A 5 carat diamond depending on its quality and color, could be worth a hundred thousand dollars.

The high demand and high value of diamonds make them a target for crime. Daring diamond thieves, adopt some very innovative ideas when it comes to stealing diamonds. These thieves do not adopt the gun and threat strategy but, prefer to rob the precious stone in a deceptive way. They swallow the diamond and this, makes it tough to locate the stolen stone by most security procedures.

Jewelry shows across the globe have been targeted by diamond thieves, many of them attempt to get away by swallowing the diamond. In many cases it is too late before, the jeweler becomes aware of the missing diamond. In some cases, the entire episode of a person swallowing the diamond gets recorded on CCTV footage.

Before we talk about the dangers of swallowing a diamond, let us try to understand how a swallowed diamond can be extracted. It is fair to presume that the stolen diamond, would be worth at least a few thousand dollars – it would not be worth the risk, to attempt stealing a low priced diamond. Thieves who are apprehended swallowing a diamond, are generally made to cool their heels in prison. Fed with high doses of laxatives, the thief would ultimately eject the diamond from his system.

You might be surprised to know that, not all diamonds that are swallowed are stolen! In a few interesting cases that surfaced in India and some other Asian countries, diamonds have been swallowed by brokers (commission agents). This is done to evade proper channels of shipment – often related to tax evasion and money laundering. In one such high profile case, a diamond agent swallowed an entire condom filled with diamonds! The awkward walk of the gentleman, attracted the attention of the Sri Lankan airport authorities.

Danger Of Swallowing A Diamond: Pointed corners and edges in diamonds, can cut through delicate skin – remember that we are talking about the insides of human organs. Depending on the severity of the cut, bleeding issues could bring their own set of problems. The Sri Lankan who had swallowed a condom filled with diamonds, was stupid rather than smart. Being very hard the diamonds, could have punctured the condom. This could have resulted in severe internal bleeding.

Diamonds And Children: Colorful jewels and beads might seem very attractive to children but, these are articles that should always be kept away from children. Beads and small jewels could lead to accidents that, could be fatal.

On a final note, it is important to get professional medical advice, when there is an issue of a diamond being swallowed by a human being. It might sound a bit strange but even in cases where, diamonds are swallowed by thieves - the process of extracting the diamond is done under medical supervision! It is therefore cases that even accidental cases of a diamond being swallowed should,  receive professional medical attention. 

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