Mango With Sticky Rice


Mango With Sticky Rice

A very popular thai delicacy, mango with sticky rice is a seasonal treat that is easy to be found in the mango season. If you plan to eat some delicious Thai mangoes in this way make sure that, you have not overstuffed yourself with food just before eating this delicacy. Mango with sticky rice as the name implies, consists of rice mangoes and cooked sticky rice. Besides these two ingredients, coconut milk and coconut cream are also added to the dish. And let's not forget, the addition of sugar in fairly liberal doses. This obviously means that, this is one popular Thai food dish with significantly high calorie numbers. 

Sugar and coconut milk are added to the rice at the time that, the rice is almost cooked. At the time of eating, ripe mango is sliced into pieces and placed next to the rice. You then use a spoon and fork, scoop out some of the rice, cut the mango pieces into smaller portion and eat each piece with a bit of the rice. It is also quite common for vendors to add a little coconut cream to the dish just before it is served. The sticky rice eaten along with the mango is generally white but, the above image shows an interesting variation. In the image, extract from various types of leaves or flowers are added to the rice. 

Each portion of this Thai mango dish can be quite large and filling. Most vendors provide a fairly large serving of rice along with an entire mango. We would therefore suggest that you go light on the meal that you take just before, you relish this mouth watering Thai dessert. Mango with sticky rice costs a bit more when eaten in a restaurant and interestingly, the size of the serving seems to diminish in such places! 

The only portion of this dish that is cooked is the sticky rice and this, is not very tough to do. So if you can cook the sticky rice on your own, you could buy a few mangoes and treat yourself and your family or friends to some absolutely delicious mango with sticky rice. And if you happen to be cooking the sticky rice for this recipe, try to reduce the proportion of coconut milk and sugar. This will bring down some of the calories but in any case, do not overeat this amazing Thai dessert. You can learn how to make your own mango with sticky rice ... here

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