Meaning Of Induction Cooking


What Is Induction Cooking

Induction cooking widely acclaimed for its heat efficiency, the unique method adopted by induction heating devices is truly amazing. Unlike conventional cooking processes that utilize electric heaters and gas, an induction heating apparatus does not actually heat up. Cooking on an induction cook requires pots and pans that have a magnetic base. An induction 'burner' is fitted with a coil, just below the top surface. The sleek design and attractive finish provided for commercial induction cooktops, do not allow this coil to be visible. When you turn on the power on your induction heat device, the coil generates an oscillating magnetic field. 

We just mentioned that the bottom of the pot or pan used on an induction heating device, needs to be magnetic. For efficiency in cooking, it is almost compulsory for the the base of the pot to be absolutely flat. The pot is placed on the induction top and turned on. The oscillating magnetic field generated by the coil in the device, causes the electrons in a magnetic material (base of the pot) to move. When this happens, an electric current is generated in the magnetic base of the pot and this in turn, causes the base to heat up. To put it very simply, the induction cooktop causes heat within the base of the pot.

Since the flat base of the pot is in complete contact with the surface of the induction heater, the heating process is executed practically no loss of energy or heat. Gas and electric burners, heat themselves and then throw the heat on the utensil or pot being cooked. As much as 30% to 50% of the heat is lost during the transfer process. It is therefore clear that, induction cooking will significantly reduce the overall heat generated in the kitchen. While it is rightly said that the induction top does not heat up, you need to be careful when touching that surface. The heated pot generally transfers some heat back to the surface of the induction cooktop. So when you lift the pot off the surface, residual heat can still exist on the device. The top will cool down quickly but, children should never be allowed too close to the cooking area. 

A small note regarding the pots and utensils used in induction cooking. We did mention that the base of the pots and pans will need to be magnetic and that, the base should ideally be flat. Another important consideration when choosing pots for induction cooking is the, diameter of the base. Induction cooktops define specific size ranges that are suited to them, not all cooktops define the same size specifications. While the documentation that comes with the device should offer clearer information, markings are generally provided on the top surface of the induction device. You should find a minimum and maximum size marking, the pots and pans should have a base diameter in that range. Another important thing to note is that, a very tall pot on an induction cook top might cause the top portion to receive insufficient heat. 

If you are just making an entry into the concept of induction cooking, take some time to consider all related factors. A power failure will mean that the induction device cannot operate. Your kitchen could have a mix of induction heating devices and conventional gas fired burners. Quality induction heating devices are also available as standalone models. These are not very expensive and can often prove to be very handy. 

The above information has been provided for your knowledge, there is no attempt to sell you anything. This report has been compiled by the Kaisilver team. We are not in any way related to the manufacture or marketing of induction cooking apparatus. Kaisilver is the leading online custom made jewelry manufacturer from Thailand. 

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