Wearing Claddagh Ring


How To Wear The Claddagh Ring

Before we start to explain how the claddagh ring should be worn and the interpretation, of wearing this legendary ring in a specific way - let us talk a bit about the meaning of the claddagh ring. The claddagh ring was first made about 4 centuries ago by an Irish slave named Robert Joyce. The young man was a humble fisherman before being forced into slavery, he lived in a small fishing village in Ireland named, Claddagh. 

Captured and sold as a slave to a wealthy goldsmith, Robert was forced to learn the trade from his master. He was terribly depressed since, he was separated from his beloved who lived in the same village (Claddagh). The young man, started to make a ring for her, the idea was that, by doing the activity would keep himself in a stable frame of mind. It also allowed him to believe that he would one day be a free man and be reunited with his beloved. The young man did manage to give her the ring when he was freed from slavery after a few years, the couple were soon married and lived happily every after. The main features of this ring hold the meaning of the jewel. The heart denotes love, the crown shows loyalty and the hands signify friendship. 

Four centuries later and in our times, the claddagh ring is hailed as the most meaningful jewel in history. Kaisilver is regarded as the world's premier source for fine claddagh rings in gold and silver. Supported by a thorough study into the tradition and background of the claddagh ring, the Kaisilver jewel retains the entire meaning of the first ring made centuries ago. The ring is given an interesting interpretation when worn and it is worth understanding the logic behind this. The direction in which the pointed tip of the center heart faces, is supposed to imply the status of a matrimonial relationship. 

The claddagh ring as shown in the image has it's pointed tip (of the heart) facing outwards, this is believed to signify that the wearer is still not seriously into any relationship. She is therefore open to the idea of building a meaningful relationship, with a suitable person. On the other hand a claddagh ring if worn with the tip of the heart, pointed towards the knuckles means that, the wearer has already given her heart to someone. We must clarify here that, this interpretation is merely based on what many people think or believe. The wearer of a claddagh ring might not always intend to imply something specific based on, the direction in which she wears her claddagh ring. So don't jump to conclusions and initiate any type of action that, might raise an awkward or uncomfortable situation. 

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