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Engagement Rings With Diamond 

Diamond engagement rings are extremely popular, reasons for choosing diamonds for matrimonial rings are many. Besides being rare, expensive and gorgeous, diamonds have always symbolized pure love and loyalty. The tradition of giving and wearing diamonds to mark a wedding or engagement, goes back to the 15th century. Closer to our times, excellence in marketing further encouraged demand for engagement rings with diamonds.

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The Venetians called the diamond ‘Venus stone’. They were impressed by the brightness of the planet Venus, in the evening skies. They compared the brightness of diamond to that of Venus, this explains how they coined the name ‘Venus stone’ to describe diamonds. The planet Venus has always been associated with love and this, is likely to be another reason why diamonds came to be linked to weddings, engagements and matrimonial relationships.

The first recorded case of a diamond engagement ring, takes us back to the year 1477. Maximillian of Austria gifted a diamond ring to Mary Burgundy. He also proposed to her on the occasion and this implied that, the ring was indeed a diamond engagement ring. The story goes that Maximillian had thought of proposing to Mary for a while. He was hesitant to make a move because, he was not sure whether she would accept his proposition. It was then that a ‘wise’ man recommended him to choose a diamond engagement ring for her.

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Maximillian proposed to Mary while giving her a diamond engagement ring – curious to know whether she accepted his proposal? The good news was that, the couple were married on 17 August 1477. So the first engagement ring with diamonds, did get a positive response! The practice of choosing a diamond ring for an engagement or wedding, continues until this day.

The Greeks referred to diamond as ‘adamas’ implying something, that is hard, long lasting and forever valuable. They seemed to be aware of the hardness of the precious stone. Scientists have confirmed that, diamond is the hardest known natural substance. Associate the terms durable, enduring and forever precious, with a matrimonial relationship. It turns out that they form, the basic foundation for a marriage to last and married life to develop. An engagement or wedding ring with diamond, is considered to be the right choice.

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Marriage ceremonies and conventions have changed over the years. Lengthy customs have been shortened and some, strictly traditional practices given up. Interestingly the tradition of diamond engagement rings remains as strong as ever. Style, trends and budget constraints at times, result in the selection of engagement rings with a combination of diamonds and colored gemstones. Couples often prefer to go for a pair of diamond rings. In this case the basic design concept of his-and-her rings remain the same, the main stone is a diamond.

Modern day diamond engagement rings, carry more than traditions and customs. Style and status are often primary factors in picking these rings. You could today get a good diamond engagement ring, with a price tag range of $4,000 to $25,000. But if money was never an issue, price tags for lavish engagement diamond rings, could run into millions of dollars.

It is hard to resist the beauty, glitter and glamor of a diamond – tough to believe that a piece of rough diamond when extracted from the earth, looks very ordinary and does not even glitter. One of the most valuable of nature’s creations (diamond), relies on immaculate human skills to bring out its sheer beauty and brightness! Diamonds for engagement rings are carefully inspected and selected. Getting a diamond to appear its best, requires a scientific understanding of angles, cuts, facets and light play. Highly skilled cutters are deployed to cut each diamond. The wrong orientation or cut, could send the worth of a diamond crashing down.

A few more notes related to diamonds, worth reading and keeping in mind. In recent years, we have seen a huge marketing effort made to promote – lab created diamonds. These stones are made by man and not extracted from the earth, supply keeps increasing as more manufacturing facilities spring up. Going by names like lab diamonds, synthetic diamonds, man made diamonds etc – these stones have seen a steep price drop. They are not rare, supply is set to increase and prices sure to drop. Nothing wrong in buying an engagement ring with man made diamonds but, picking the real thing for such a special occasion would be in order! We must mention here that, all references to diamonds in this report imply, natural and not man made diamonds.

What about pink diamond engagement rings or rings with orange, red, black, green or yellow diamonds. Traditionally diamonds have been associated purity and brightness – it was presumed that all diamonds are white. Centuries later, developments in science saw the identification of diamonds in various colors. Since colored diamonds are very rare, prices are fixed well above those for white diamonds. Treatment processes have also been developed by which, white diamonds are treated to impart various colors to diamonds. Without getting into details, we would say that engagement diamond rings with colored diamonds are worth a look – this if your budget can handle the price tags.

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