Cycling In Thailand, Increased Interest


Cycling In Thailand, Increased Popularity

While bicycles were not too rare a few years before, the popularity of cycling in Bangkok and Thailand has gained momentum in the past couple of yours. Cycling at an organized race or in a park is fine and enjoyable but, talk about casually riding your bike on the streets and you might just get the shivers. Thailand has one of the highest accident rates on the road, many of these accidents lead to severe injury and even death. A few high profile cycling events in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand have drawn high interest in this activity. If you plan to go biking on the streets in Thailand, play safe and make sure that you stay alert at all times. Motorcycles on footpaths, under aged youth driving cars without a permit, notorious hit and run accidents are frequently heard of. Things get a bit more challenging if you ride a cycle in the provinces, school children as young as 12-13 years can be seen driving motor driven scooters, at times 2 or even 3 children ride on one such vehicle. It is good to have a local friend go cycling with you but, that does not imply an added dose of safety. Make sure that your cycle has lights, if possible then many of them. Wear a helmet it can often save your head from splitting, wear bright clothes and don't browse smartphone messages or reply to phone calls while on the move. And if you find a driver that annoys use, just keep your temper safe and stay out of the way. And with all these precautions, say a short prayer to ensure your safety. 

We share the photographs taken during the recent Bike Festival in Bangkok. Some amazing bicycles that cost almost half of what a Toyota car would, colorful helmets, safety devices and other accessories to add excitement and even a bit of style to your cycling adventure. Another important note that we would like to make here, never leave your bike unattended, robbing bicycles is a common event and don't dream of getting it back. The more snazzy and expensive your bicycle, the more care and caution that is called for.

One of the swanky bicycles at the Bangkok Bike Show, a very high price tag will ensure that very few of these sleek bicycles will roll on the streets of Bangkok or Thailand. You surely do not want to try speed racing your cycle in Thailand unless, it is a well organized race.

This bike seemed to come with a range of handles to choose from. Apparently the handles could be switched easily and conveniently. You obviously had to part with a lot of wealth to own this bicycle. This was one of the spectacular displays on the Bangkok show, not many buyers though. 

Interesting bicycles the broad wheels and tires did draw a lot of interest. These were actually assembled or made by a local Thai entrepreneur. When compared to the 3,000 to 5,000 U.S$ price range for most of the imported bikes in the show, 600 U.S$ for these broad wheeled cycles seemed reasonable. Seen such bicycles on the streets of Bangkok. 

Advertised as a Limited Edition bicycle, this imported bike in Thailand was shown to have a weight of under 9 kgs. Was obviously constructed of some very strong metal alloy. Not sure how many cycling enthusiasts would feel, comfortable riding this light weight bike. As expected an above 5,000 U.S$ price. 

Seen at the Bangkok Bike Show, a sleek and trim bicycle. Was amazed to see the narrow rod that connected the seat to the rest of the bike. From our guess, it could take a weight of around 80 to 90 kgs but, looked terribly slim and gentle. This one is for the serious cycling enthusiast, with a fairly deep wallet. 

What looked like a collapsible wheelchair turned out to be a cycle that could be folded. This was something quite innovative, the cycle could be easily moved around and stored away even in a modestly sized apartment. 

Not sure if Bangkok or Thailand has a market for such bikes but, the utility and convenience of cycles that can be folded cannot be denied. This cycle could fold half way horizontally, the handle of the bike folded down too. 

Another bicycle that is heavily dependent on its brand name, die hard cycling fans might shell out the big price tag appended to this bike but for most of us, it is just another fancy device to be photographed and posted online. This bicycle drew significant interest. 

While most of the cycles at the Thailand show wore a serious and almost boring look, this was one of the colorful bicycles on display. With that 'look at me' color scheme this high end bicycle was most likely to appeal to the young and style savvy rider. Have seen some of these on Bangkok streets. 

No matter on which part of the globe you ride your bicycle, always way a good and sturdy helmet. It might not save you from a head on crash with a speeding car but, it is likely to keep your skull intact if you fall off the cycle and hit your head on the sidewalk. Apparently the bright colors, increase the chances of you being noticed while on the road. 

Branding enhances the perceived value of a product, successful brands become status symbols. And when a cycle flashes its name so prominently, it is prominent that loads of money was spent in developing the brand name. The expensive bikes surely have a market in the upper price bracket.

Interesting to see how a few bikes made an all out attempt to be very black and dark. The bright green print on this black cycle was very clearly visible but, we were worried whether such a color would actually end up making the cycle less visible to drivers when, it was taken on the street at night. 

A bicycle to ride to the market, a made in Thailand cycle and all those cane baskets were being sold by the same seller. If you happen to live in a sprawling housing colony, a bike of this sorts would come in handy. 

Ever heard of those wonderful bike riders who ride thousands of miles on their bicycles? This bicycle with all its bags and pockets, seemed ready to go for one such ride. This cycle sold quite well at the Bangkok fair. 

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