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Cranberry Health Benefits - Men's Health

The attractive red cranberry might be touted as a modern day ‘superfood’ but, ancient Native Americans had put the fruit to many more interesting uses. They not only added it to their foods but also, consumed cranberries for their medicinal properties. The fruit was also crushed into a paste to make a mixture that was used to dye fabric.

Back to men’s health and it is interesting to note that, men are far less concerned about what they eat as long as, they satisfy their hunger! Women relate beauty and health and this could be the reason, why they are more careful about their food and diet. Nature has a bounty of healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables to offer, the benefits are for everyone to reap. As modern research keeps unravelling the goodness of cranberry, it is a great idea for men to include cranberries in their food plan. Cranberry by itself is low on sugar and calories, processed cranberry products often have added sugar to get that sweet enticing taste. You could eat fresh, frozen or dried cranberries, just check the package for sugar additives. No matter what you read in this report or anywhere else, do not make changes to doctor recommended treatments or medications. You can however discuss your interest in trying herbs or natural supplements to draw their health benefits, your doctor would be the right person to comment.

These small red fruit are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, prevention of UTI (urinary tract infections) and stomach ulcers are possible by consuming cranberries. Both UTI and stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, though the bacteria is not the same in both cases, the modus operandi followed by them remains the same. The bacteria cling to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract in case of UTI, the same clinging is seen in the stomach when ulcers are involved. An ingredient present in cranberries, causes the bacteria to lose their clinging capability – this acts as a prevention.

As research tries to explore more health benefits that cranberries bring, encouraging results are being recorded related to tumors and possibly, some types of cancer. The final word on these might take a while to arrive but, for the moment there is no harm in eating cranberries. The direction of the research seems to point towards, the ability of cranberry to possible reduce tumor growth and slow down the development of cancer cells. Just remember that for now and forever, the best form of treatment is always the one advised by your professional doctor.

As you get interested in seeking healthy foods and select vegetables, you will hear more about the medicinal properties of cranberry. Ongoing research is being conducted to study the positive impact of cranberries on the heart and its ability (if any) to manage cholesterol levels. Medical experts also hope to isolate the specific ingredients within cranberry that, hold medicinal properties.

Don’t blindly believe what you read, just stay updated and get into the habit of eating cranberries. If you happen to be eating cranberries to cure some specific ailment that you suffer from, make sure that you involve your doctor in the plan. Cranberry is generally available in fresh, frozen or dried form, eat what suits you the best. Cranberry supplements are another option, these can be concentrated so make sure that you follow the recommended dose.

Men need not wait for any specific age or medical complication to get interested in working on a healthy diet. For men to stay healthy it obviously takes much more than just, eating the right foods. But no one can deny that even the best of exercise plans and other efforts, can be neutralized by unhealthy food habits.