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Cooking is an art for some, a profession for others and a necessity for many of us. It does help to get some valuable tips related to cooking. New technologies are regularly introduced in the kitchen appliances segment. It might sometimes be tough to keep a track over everything that is happening. This section will put together some very useful suggestions and updates that will be of interest to most cooks. Induction cooking might be the latest buzzword but, there is a lot going on besides the induction story. We will regularly update this section so make sure that you never leave. Bookmark the page and share it with your friends and family. 

what is induction cooking

Induction cooking is hailed as the most heat efficient method to cook food. We suggest that you read this report and get a better understanding about induction cooking, induction cooking devices etc. Induction devices do have some specific requirements for pots and pans that are used in the cooking process ... more

roti thailand make

Thai roti a popular and filling Thai snack. We talk about this famous Thai dish and also take you through the steps of making it. The filling in Thai roti can vary. We take a simple banana filling. Learn how to make Thai roti ... more

garlic health benefits

Garlic does an awesome job as a cuisine flavoring agent. Most of you would be aware now that, the herb is also well known for its medicinal properties. Medical researchers are impressed with initial findings, garlic holds great promise in keeping the heart healthy. It can also improve the condition of the arteries ... more