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Chocolate And Health Benefits

The demand for health foods has shown an increase in recent years. Dark chocolate is being increasingly touted as a health food. Since many of us are accustomed to chocolate being sweet and buttery, it might come as a surprise if we told you that dark chocolate is good for your health. In this   report we discuss the benefits of dark chocolate but before that, we provide a brief not explaining what exactly ‘dark’ chocolate means.

dark chocolate health benefits
chocolate good for heart

Benefits Of Chocolate:

  • Coco the main ingredient in chocolate is healthy.
  • The benefits of dark chocolate relate to heart health.
  • Coco in chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chocolate helps moderate blood pressure and blood flow.
  • Eating chocolate is known to reduce mental stress.
  • Chocolate positively impacts insulin sensitivity.
  • Skin specialists often claim that chocolate is good for the skin.

What does the term dark chocolate mean. Chocolate as we know it is generally brown but, you might come across chocolate that is very dark brown in color – almost black. This chocolate in most cases would be dark chocolate. Different chocolate brands use proprietary recipes to manufacture their chocolate. While these recipes would use a differing list of ingredients, some basic ingredients would be relatively standard. Milk, coco, sugar and fats – are present in most chocolates. You might find chocolates that, use sugar substitutes instead of sugar.

We now get closer to understanding dark chocolate and how, it turns out to be healthy. From the ingredients that we spoke about, milk directly influences the color of the chocolate. A larger proportion of milk in the chocolate recipe, would lighten the (brown) color of the chocolate. The criteria used to judge just how delicious a chocolate is, give importance to taste, texture and smoothness. On the other hand, dark chocolate is evaluated based on the health benefits that it provides. Sweetness and smoothness, might not be the hallmark of dark chocolate.

Coco which is present in all chocolates is considered to be healthy. So if you hear that chocolate adds to cholesterol numbers, spoils teeth and shoots up blood sugar – it is surely not the coco in the chocolate that is to blame. Sugar and fat forms a substantial portion of most chocolates, these ingredients are considered to be detrimental to your health.

Coming to the health benefits of chocolate, which in reality refers to the goodness of coco. Scientists have found that coco when fermented, is beneficial to the heart. Coco which is contained in chocolate, need not be fermented during the production process. The human digestive tract contains, specific bacteria that aids in the fermentation process. The fermented coco helps keep the heart in healthy condition. We must add here that coco contains, antioxidants and fiber. Both these elements are fermented by the same bacteria. These fermented components of coco, have anti-inflammatory properties and this, is what helps keep the heart in good condition.

So we know about chocolate and the fermentation of coco. We also know that fats and sugars present in commercially manufactured chocolates, are not exactly healthy. This brings us to the topic of dark chocolate and why, it is considered to be healthier, as compared to the more commonly consumed chocolates. We did mention that dark chocolate has a very dark brown color – often close to black. The reason is because, dark chocolate contains lower proportions of fat and milk. This is one of the main reason why dark chocolate is healthy.

Coco content in dark chocolate is high, very often higher than 75%. To focus on the health aspects of dark chocolate, manufacturers also reduce the sugar content in the chocolate. Coco continues to be the main ingredient in chocolate that, is beneficial to the heart. In general, the higher the coco content, the healthier the chocolate. We will repeat once again that, consumption of chocolate should be moderated.

Closely related to hearth health is the topic of blood pressure. Stressful lives, sedentary behavior and unhealthy food habits, are factors that have made ailments like high blood pressure very common. Dark chocolate is believed to help maintain blood pressure at healthy levels. It is important to understand that, the information provided here is not meant to replace medical advice provided by your doctor.

We have so far spoken about how, dark chocolate helps improve heart health and also plays a positive role in keeping blood pressure within a healthy range. Medical experts have also found that, consuming a moderate amount of chocolate regularly, has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity. This is good news for everyone, especially for diabetics. While you should not try to change any regular treatments prescribed by your doctor, it is also worth noting that the sugar content in chocolate requires careful consideration.

This report used a few terms repeatedly – coco, chocolate and dark chocolate.  Commercial advertisements can often be misleading – attempts are made to label all chocolates as being wonderful for your health. While there is little doubt that, consuming coco (in moderate quantities) is healthy, not all types of chocolates are good for your health and heart. Read this report twice and you would have, all the information required to make the right choice.

Interestingly we have said a lot about dark chocolate but, made no mention of exact specifications that would help clearly define dark chocolate. Unfortunately there are no clear standards regarding, what can be defined as dark chocolate and what cannot. The proportion of coco and other ingredients vary widely and yet, various chocolates are labelled as 'dark' chocolate. With medical experts now agreeing that, chocolate is good for health - we might see more clearer specifications related to dark chocolate. And until that time, it is a great idea to keep a tab on the ingredients list in the chocolate that you pick. Also remember that, none of this information should override professional medical advice. 

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