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High heart related problems are becoming increasingly common – this is a global trend. While cardio complications were more of a concern in the U.S.A and Europe a few decades ago, they have become a global problem in recent years. It is therefore no surprise that, while consuming foods including avocado – the effect that it would have on the heart is of particular concern. Misconceptions about the cholesterol content in avocado, often encourage people to label it as being ‘unfriendly’ to the heart.

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In this report we will first talk about what is good for your heart. We then highlight the elements in avocado that, affect the heart. This would help you grasp the health benefits that, eating avocados brings. What we are trying to do is to map things that are good for the heart, to the good elements of avocado. Adding a familiar health message - ‘keep even the good stuff, at moderate levels of consumption’.

When referring to issues related to cholesterol, the American Heart Association broadly classifies cholesterol into LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). Just for your information, the full form of LDL is Low Density Lipoprotein and that for HDL is High Density Lipoprotein. Don’t be confused or shocked if you hear that, avocado contains cholesterol. We will get into details of that ‘type’ of cholesterol in this report. This would explain why, avocado is really good for your heart.

Not uncommon to hear that, avocados are not good because they contain cholesterol. This humble fruit would have a significantly larger following if, it really did not contain cholesterol. But the point is that, far from being a danger to your heart, the cholesterol found in avocado improves heart health. The good news is that, the cholesterol found in avocados is good (HDL) cholesterol. Eat avocado in moderation and it would help, maintain healthy levels of HDL cholesterol.

Still with the American Heart Association and heart health – the advice is that low sodium levels are good for your heart and that, limited amount of potassium consumption works to positively improve heart health. Avocadoes have close to 0 (zero) sodium content and are a good source of potassium. So when you count the health benefits that avocado provides, don’t forget these facts about sodium and potassium.

Health report writers often love to throw around medical jargon that, we commoners do not understand! We have come across few reports published in respected magazines and journals that claim – that avocadoes contain fats. The details suggest that mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, are present in avocado. The term ‘fat’ when it is connected to food and eating, alarms many people. It is taken for granted that fat is not good for you and not good for the heart. The truth is that, the two fats mentioned above fall in the category of ‘good cholesterol’ or HDL. At the expense of sounding repetitive we must add that, even the best foods, must be consumed in moderation.

Summarizing this brief report on the benefits of avocado and how, this fruit is good for your heart – the important points relate to the good (HDL) cholesterol present in the fruit, extremely low sodium levels and healthy levels of potassium. Heart experts warn about high LDL and high sodium foods, so avocado surely does not fall in the category of ‘bad foods’ for the heart.

And when we talk about heart health, the story cannot start and end with food. A combination of the right food, right exercise and good control over mental stress, are required to keep your heart healthy.

This report is compiled in the interest of the general public by, the Kaisilver team. Our business interests do not cover areas related to health and food. Based in Thailand, Kaisilver is the leading provider of high end custom made jewelry. We today serve over 12,000 quality and style conscious clients across 15 nations. While we would love to hear your comments and suggestions on this content at sales@kaisilver.com , we encourage you to contact your medical advisor for any specific health queries that you might have.

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