Antique Chairs Collection Of Artistic Wood Carved Chairs


Artistic Chairs  Antique Styles 

A collection of antique chair styles, classic look and involving some amazing workmanship. These chairs and stools are most often made from wood, besides being sturdy they reflect the serious interest in art in ancient times. Surely not easy to find such chairs in today's world, we have compiled this collection from many places. While a few of these artistic chairs were photographed in ancient Thai temples, some of them were seen at quaint coffee shops and eating stalls. 

Included in this collection is a set of scintillating, glass decorated chairs and a table with an artistic glass top. While the concept for these chairs has existed for centuries, this entire set is handmade by extremely talented artisans in Thailand. The photograph was shot by the Kaisilver team at, the Ayuthaya Handicraft Center. 

We would like to clarify here that, Kaisilver is no way connected to the furniture business. We have no commercial interests in building, construction or interior decoration. We are the leading online provider, for high end custom made jewelry from Thailand. 

artistic carved wood chair heavy antique

An amazing artistic chair, heavy wood and scintillating attention to detail. The antique chair in the center is flanked by a heavy carved side table - on either side of the chair. Likely to be part of an entirely hand carved set, this carved wooden chair weighs no less than 80 to 100 kilos. The back portion of the chair, is adorned with mother of pearly inlay work. It would surely be a challenge to spot the entire set, that would  have included this classic chair. 

old chai Asian wood

We noticed this old chair in a coffee shop on one the highways that leads out of Bangkok. While the chair itself looks fairly simple and has no elaborate carving or inlay work done, it is the 'wood' that it is made of that deserves a mention. Better identified as a petrified wood chair, this old chair is very much heavier than you would imagine. Wood often falls into streams and rivers, over decades and centuries - the wood gathers silica based elements. These elements gradually replace the wood in the material, you end up with petrified wood. It is the silica material that adds to the weight of the 'wood'.  

antique wood chair design organic

Very likely that ancient chairs evolved from such designs. True that not all antique chairs were custom made for royals and aristocrats. While the chair does not boast of artistic carvings and expensive inlay work, the concept is very interesting. The entire concept is very organic, much has been derived from mother nature. A slice of tree bark forms the back of the chair. Another slice  forms the seat of the wooden chair. Step back and take a look at the back of the chair, it does resemble a fish. 

artistic chairs glass stained Thailand

Extremely fortunate to see these stained glass chairs being handcrafted. Meticulous work indeed as each piece of glass, is intricately cut and put together to form the back. A set of 6 chairs takes about 3 months to handcraft, these artistic chairs have a strong wood frame and a cushioned base. The set is complete with a table that has an magnificently etched glass top. The etching on the glass top of the table, pair perfectly with the design concept of the stained glass chairs. The workshop refused to divulge the cost of this set. 

ancient style wood chair

An ancient chair design, a chair or large bench with a carved dragon forming the back. The dragon is believed to keep away evil and danger. This is a very heavy chair and is most likely to have been handmade by artisans, at the site. Such old style heavy wooden chairs can be seen in Thailand in areas where, trees and forested areas are more common. Villages in Thailand often  have such big chairs that, double up as a sleeping spot for the night. Not easy to spot such heavy wood furniture in Thai cities. 

wood stools and table heavy

As close to nature as you can get, a set of stools and a table - minimum modification made to the wood as it is got from the tree. Strong and sturdy, these stools are pieces of bark, very sturdy and very eye catching. The table in the center uses a slice of a larger tree bark. Stools made from tree trumps are likely to have been used since a very long time, these wooden stools bring back that ancient feeling. Not an expert in wood or furniture but, it is likely that picking the right type of wood (tree), would go a long way in  enchancing the durability of such furniture. 

woven cane sofa set thailand

The concept of creating woven furniture is not new. Finely handwoven furniture like this classic divan involve a high degree of skill. It is not easy to find artisans with such fine skills even, in countries like Thailand. Cane woven sofas, chairs and divans are often made to order and prices, can be unusually high. A sturdy wooden frame, forms the starting point for such woven furniture. Maintenance and repair costs can be significant, this is one reason why fine cane woven furniture, does attract mass markets. 

antique asian chair carved thailand

A similar heavy carved chair is shown in the earlier part of this report. Compare these two wooden chairs and you will notice that, the above chair is a but lighter and also has a modest amount of carving involved. Notice the heavy antique side table next to the chair. Heavy wooden chairs if made, without such intricate carvings would appear clumsy and mundane. So while the carving adds beauty and grace to such antique styled chairs and furniture, the heavy weight adds to their durability. 

can and bamboo furniture artistic designs

Cane and bamboo furniture, finely handcrafted by highly skilled Thai artisans. The center cane woven rocking chair has an interesting design concept. Fine hand weaving with cane is not commonly seen today, cheaper versions are made using plastic cane. Since the market for such artistic furniture has shrunk considerably, items are generally made to order and carry expensive price tags. 

The chairs shown in this report have antique styles and design, furniture that is not commonly seen in our times. Such furniture is made in small numbers today, it is not just about high prices and low demand. Artisans who can create such fine creations are  not many today, supply has come down to a trickle. On a recent visit to a restaurant in Tokyo, Kaisilver staff noticed that the beautiful woven chairs - turned out to be crafted with plastic cane. This is being increasingly seen as, the material is easy to maintain and can be mass produced. 

This Information Is Compiled By The Kaisilver Team

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