Almonds Nutrition And Benefits


Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds are often touted as a 'super food' which might be stretching things too far. The nutrition provided by almonds are indeed impressive, eating these nuts can deliver some health benefits but, you need to get some basics right. The most important thing to remember is to, never substitute professional medical advice with anything that you read or hear about. Read this report for your information, make sure that you discuss the contents with your family doctor before starting yourself on a regular dose of almonds or, any other food for that matter. And we decide to eat almonds to draw the health benefits of the nut, you should know that the way in which you eat the nuts is important. 

Right Way To Eat Almonds: Most of us love to eat roasted almonds, some of you might prefer to soak the almonds before eating them. Making milk shakes or adding the nuts to puddings, morning cereal and baked bread and cakes might appeal to some of you. While almonds are generally eaten with the skin still on the nut, the idea is the retain the fibers that exist in the skin. The almonds shown on the left side of the plate in the image, are dried and happen to be the form in which most markets stock almonds for sale. Basically these almonds have not been processed in any way, expect them to be hard and a bit tough to eat and digest. Notice the almonds on the right hand side, they include almonds with skins and without skins. If you take a close look at the almonds shown on the right, you will notice that they appear a bit stout and rounded. These almonds have been soaked in water, they are obviously a bit softer as compared to the dry almonds on the left side of the plate. Soaked almonds are easier to chew and digest but, they offer one more important benefit. The body is in a better position to absorb the nutrients present in the almonds, once they are softened by the soaking process. 

If we go deeper into medical research, we will learn that the soaked almonds that have had their skin taken off offer even better health benefits. The skin of the almond is tough and nature made it that way for an important reason. The idea is for the skin to protect the nut until it germinates and is ready to bloom into a plant and then into a tree. This skin also prevents nutrients from escaping out of the almond and this, deprives your body of some of the health and nutritional benefits that the almond provides. So in order to optimize the benefits of almond, you should soak almonds and also take off their skin before eating them.

Benefits Of Eating Almonds:  You will come across various claims related to the health benefits derived by eating almonds. It is best to absorb all that knowledge and then verify the details with your health adviser or doctor. Almonds provide nutrition in the form of essential vitamins, the vitamin E in almonds is of a type that is best absorbed by your body. vitamin E is essential to keep muscles in good condition, injured muscles also heal more efficiently in the presence of this vitamin. Acting like an antioxidant, vitamin E is believed to help the heart maintain good health. The human memory and mind also stays active and alert with the help of Vitamin E. Eating almonds helps the body derive important B vitamins too, these help keep energy levels active by converting food to energy in an efficient way. The skin, eyes, hair and liver also benefit from the consumption of vitamin B.

Often referred to as 'healthy fat', monounsaturated fats can help check the levels of 'bad' cholesterol also known as LDL. Reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol in your body, helps reduce the chances of heart attacks and other heart related diseases. If you happen to be suffering from a heat ailment or have an increased level of LDL cholesterol, please discuss the almond issue with your doctor. It is not advisable to change medications or begin any treatment without proper medical advise. 

Essential minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium are present in almonds. Developing healthy bones and reducing or eliminating risks related to various bone related ailments, requires these minerals.Besides bringing in their own health benefits, the minerals found in almonds also work along with the vitamins present in the nuts bringing further benefits. 

Important: While the health benefits and nutritional value of almonds are definite and have been proven, there is never any 'one formula suits all' song when it comes to health related issues. Almonds are high in calories, including them in your diet will very likely require an adjustment to be made to accommodate their caloric values. Trying to impact your bad cholesterol levels by treating it with almond consumption, is not something that you should initiate on your own. This article outlines the main benefits of almonds, you should confirm the content with your family doctor before believing or following anything mentioned here. 

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