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An interesting collection of reports and notes filed by the Kai Silver team. Widely respected as the world's leading online custom made jewelry provider, we do not have business interests in the food or travel industry. Our team members occasionally come across something useful or interesting and are keen to share that experience with you. We do hope that you find something to interest you, we will keep adding more content so do visit us often.  

Most of us have eaten almonds in some form or the other. But do you really know which is the best way to eat almonds. To get the best nutritional value from almonds, you should know how to eat them ... more.

With cycling becoming a popular leisure activity in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, the tremendous success of the The Bike Show in Thailand came as no surprise, we bring you the highlights of the show ... more

The meaning and significance of the 4 century old claddagh ring, makes it one of history's most meaningful jewels. The meaning of the ring depends on the way that you wear it, which is the right way to wear a claddagh ... more

The tradition of Thai silk makes a return, upscale wedding dresses in Thailand are turning back to gorgeous silk. The classic and the modern look done perfectly with shimmering silk from Thailand ...more.

The longest reclining Lord Buddha statue in the world is located in Thailand's famous Wat Pho temple. Thousands of visitors pay a visit to this very important Buddhist temple in Bangkok, our report on has ... more

Thai roti one of the most popular snacks in Thailand, is quite easy to make. Learn how to make Thai rotis, follow the simple and clear recipe and relish this delicious Thai food dish. Experience the thrill of Thai cooking ... more.   

Most Thais are non-vegetarians, this explains the lack of sufficient vegetarian restaurants. The country celebrates the vegetarian festival once a year, this is when vegetarians can  easily find  delicious veg food ... more